About Us

OHCEA is an international network of  in 8 countries with twenty four(24) institutions in Eastern, Central and Western African region. The countries are: Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda. OHCEA activities are derived from the overall goal of generating future leaders that have the capacity to address complex health challenges using the One Health approach. The network’s overall aim is to effect positive and sustained change to address complex global health challenges through trans-disciplinary, collaborative One Health approaches.

What One Health is

The One Health approach recognizes that human health, animal health, and ecosystem health are inextricably linked, and that collaboration across the sectors is needed to achieve more rapid, mutually beneficial and effective responses.

Addressing zoonotic infectious disease outbreaks from the perspective of a single sector, and acting without considering the other perspectives and the complexity of the entire system, can lead to slower and more costly response, with unintentionally negative consequences for multiple sectors.

The One Health approach is critical for multiple sectors to achieve their respective missions more effectively, and for promoting, improving, and defending the health and wellbeing of all species by enhancing multidisciplinary cooperation and collaboration among physicians, veterinarians, and other scientific and environmental health professionals.

Although only two major sectors are included in the OHCEA network, there is a provison in the Articles of Association to include other relevant sectors namely; Nursing, Wildlife and Environment. OHCEA is a legally registered in Uganda as a Company Limited by Guarantee The top decision making body of the network is the Deans’ Summit that comprises all the 18 Deans of the Institutions.

The day to day activities at regional level are implemented by a fully functional OHCEA Secretariat based at the Makerere School of Public Health, Kampala Uganda under the guidance and supervision of the Board of Directors composed of seven Deans.

Strategic Goals

  • Strengthen a Growing Institutional network in terms of leadership, governance, technical assistance and information sharing across countries in order to transform OHCEA to deliver One Health
  • Support National agencies to build capacity and efficiency for surveillance, reporting systems and outbreak response in country and cross border
  • Provide both pre- service, in-service and community education, training and outreach to expand the size and capabilities of One Health workforce
  • Build and leverage strategic partnerships with other organizations and networks for mutual awareness and benefits
  • Strengthen infrastructure capacity and facilitate resource sharing to support One Health implementation
  • Generate evidence based data and share information to advance training, science and practice, and to inform policy

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Our Vision

A global leader in One Health approaches to sustainable health for healthy; productive animals, prosperous communities and productive ecosystems.

Our Mission

To drive transformational change for continuous improvement of health and well being of humans, animals and ecosystems through multi-displinary research, training and community service.