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Mekelle University has Conducted Seminar on Infectious Disease to Senior Students

Saturday, 2 September 2017 - 10:50am
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Some of the students take a group photo after the seminar ©Photo by Dr. Berihun Afera

Mekelle University College of Veterinary Medicine, attracting 100 senior students. This seminar was conducted with the objectives of sensitizing students on infectious disease detection, prevention and response. The seminar focused on detection, prevention and control of infectious disease using the one health approach. Students acquired the necessary knowledge of disease detection, prevention and response. They will participate in community outreach programmes to disseminate the knowledge gained from the seminar. Students clearly indicated that such a seminar was very important for them to upgrade the knowledge that they have on infectious disease management using the one health approach. They said that co-operation among the different sectors is a must for quality outputs during investigation of any infectious disease outbreaks. Faculty who facilitated the training were excited about the new concept of disease detection, prevention and response using one health approach as lots of efforts were done in independent disciplinary silos where output is below effective. Although the seminar didn’t build the capacity of the facilitators, they however indicated that they gained lots of experience and insights from the students. During the discussion students felt that the seminar was useful to them in terms of building their own capacity and understanding the role of other professionals in tackling the infectious disease threats. They committed themselves to work with other disciplines to safeguard the public and to build the economy of the country. The seminar was facilitated by four faculty, namely; Dr. Abreha Tesfay, Dr. Endale Balcha, Dr. Berihu Gebrekidan and Dr. Berihun Afera.