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Wednesday, 11 February 2015 - 12:00am
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15-16 January, 2015:As a follow-up on the 2 workshops held last year on grant writing and women in leadership, OHCEA Research Innovations Project (ORIP), once again held 2 similar workshops at the COVAB, Makerere University. The workshops were more participatory in nature, with participants working in groups on specific case studies to build on the theoretical knowledge acquired in the previous workshops.  The grant writing and women in leadership workshops were opened by Dr. Irene Naigaga and Dr. Jesca Nakavuma respectively.

ORIP isn’t training you for the sake of training, but to build capacity in inter-disciplinary research groups.” explained Dr. Irene Naigaga, OHCEA focal person-COVAB. She further revealed that ORIP had introduced a mentorship program at both COVAB and the Makerere University School of Public Health(MakSPH). She urged participants to freely contactDr. CloviceKankya and Mr. Ali Halage, theGrant writing and Research skills mentors at COVAB and MakSPHrespectively. The mentors facilitated the workshop sessions as a means of enhancing interaction with the participants. Prof. Ruth Muwazi and Dr.Justine Bukenyaare the women in leadership mentors at COVAB and MakSPH respectively.

Dr. Jesca Nakavuma, COVAB’s Deputy Principal noted that OHCEA is teasing out women to take up leadership roles especially since women tend to be afraid of taking up such roles. “I am in leadership by default. I would have loved to attend such a training prior to taking up my role”, she stressed. She encouraged participants to put into practice what they would learn at the workshop.

The participants comprising graduate students, young faculty and staff from MakSPH, workedin groups to develop a research grant proposal and to analyze a case study of a young woman who had just landed a leadership role. They had feedback sessions in which they presented and discussed their work, shared and compared notes, hence building on existing knowledge.

At this time of the year when there are currently many calls for grants and proposals, the grants writing and research skills workshop couldn’t have been moretimely”, Dr. Kankya said. He urged participants not to give up when their application is not successful but to keep on trying until they succeed.For the young women who attended the leadership workshop, their take-home message was “at the end of the day, it’s about performance, not gender balance.”