One Health Central & Eastern Africa (OHCEA) Network Increases Membership by admitting Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Montagnes - Cameroon

Friday, 16 October 2015 - 3:57pm
OHCEA Network Country: 

Following the application of  Universite   des  Montagnes   to  be  a member of the One Health Central  and  Eastern  Africa  (OHCEA)    network and subsequent visit  to the university by the OHCEA   Board  Chair  and Program Manager, a report  on the  visit  was  tabled   before  the  13th OHCEA  meeting  held on 13th   and  14th  July  2015  in Kigali, Rwanda.

The  OHCEA Board  recommended    admission   of Universite   des  Montagnes (UdM) into the  OHCEA   network to the  Deans' Summit  that  sat  on  15th   July  2015  in Kigali,   Rwanda. The Summit approved Universite des Montagnes'   application   for OHCEA membership.Accordingly, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universite des Montagnes becomes the 15th member of OHCEA. The Faculty of Health Sciences is composed of the Department of Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Dental Surgery and Medical Health Sciences.

The Universitié des Montagnes is unique in Cameroon and probably in the African Continent because it is a civil society initiative. Founded by the Association for Education and Development (AED), the institution opened its doors in 2000.

Essentially it devoted itself to training Health Sciences and engineering professionals. It comes second in training medical doctors alongside the University of Yaoundé, Faculty of Medicine, a state institution. UdM was the first to offer training in pharmacy, dentistry and veterinary medicine. It also remains the only institution in Cameroon to graduate biomedical engineers in its’ Faculty of Science and Technology, which also graduates students in computer science and telecommunications. Mechanical and civil engineering will begin this coming fall.

UdM remains the only school in Cameroon that offers training in all domains of Heath Sciences. To be admitted in Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry studies, students must pass a national entrance exam organized by the Government authorities. The same authorities also organize graduating exams. UdM is allowed to train 80 students in medicine, 60 in Pharmacy and 50 in dentistry. The school organizes competitive entrance exams for all other fields including Veterinary medicine, nursing and physiotherapy.

In its 15 years existence, UdM has trained over 850 graduates who easily find jobs within and outside of the country/continent. Today, UdM has about 2000 students from Cameroon and some neighboring countries. Equipped with 175 employees in various domains of competence, UdM runs a 40 bed hospital with experts in surgery, obstetrics, internal medicine and pediatrics.