Sustainable Management of Zoonotic Diseases and Biological Threats: The Role of Communities in Uganda?

Tuesday, 29 March 2016 - 7:44am
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With financial support from the Capacity Building in Zoonotic Diseases Management using Integrated Ecosystems (CAPAZOMANINTECO) NORHED project, the One Health Students club together with the OHCEA residency program at Makerere university held a community sensitization One Health workshop in Nakasongola district on 30th October, 2014. Nakasongola district is located along the cattle corridor with pastoral communities carrying out practices along the human- livestock- wildlife interface areas thus at a risk of zoonotic disease outbreaks. The purpose of the workshop was to engage communities so as to increase awareness of zoonotic diseases such as Brucellosis, Rabies, Cysticercosis, Echinococcosis, and Tuberculosis.

The team was lead by Dr. Clovice Kankya the PI of the CAPAZOMANINTECO project at Makerere University. In attendance was Dean Consolata Kabonesa from Makerere University, school of Women and Gender studies, Mr. Bonny Balugaba from Makerere University school of Public Health, Dr. James Bugeza a field Veterinarian from Nakasongola district, 11 graduate students of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, 6 graduate studies of Infectious Disease Management, 12 undergraduate students from the One Health Students Club at Makerere University (College of Health Sciences & College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources & Biosecurity) and Dr. David Muwanguzi a One Health Resident with a deeper understanding of pastoral communities in Nakasongola district.

Opening remarks were given by the district Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) after which he announced the workshop open. Dr. Clovice Kankya started by giving a key note address about the current biosecurity threats in Uganda highlighting the importance of understanding  the  risks  to  bovine  tuberculosis  in  pastoral communities. Dr. James Bugeza then explained the risk factors to brucellosis in pastoral communities. After the sensitization training about  the  hygiene  and  sanitation  in  pastoral  communities  by  Mr. Bonny Balugaba, participants later enjoyed a videography about rabies transmission organized by Dr. David Muwanguzi. Dean Consolata Kabonesa shared on the role of women in zoonotic diseases management after which the One Health students club presented a drama focusing on Dos and Don’ts in disease prevention and Control. Closing remarks were given by the Resident district commissioner

Workshop ObjectivesTo   increase   pastoral   community   awareness   about   zoonotic diseases.To identify risk factors that may increase community exposure to zoonotic diseases.

The campaign started by hosting radio talk shows lead by Dr. David uwanguzi and Dr. James Bugeza and then a community One Health orkshop that attracted over 200 participants among which were, schools  and  institutions  in  the  area,  health  care  workers pastoral farmers herdsmen, butcher-men, and area local leaders

Compiled by:Dr.   Kato   Charles   Drago   (OHCEA  One   Health Resident mentor)Ms. Doreen Birungi (President One Health students club)