FAO OHCEA Joint Workshop "One Health Country Case Studies"

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On September 26, 2013 FAO and OHCEA jointly implemented the workshop entitled: "One Health Country Case Studies: Identifying Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing One Health in Central and Eastern Africa. This workshop brought together over 50 participants from 10 countries representing a wide variety of technical backgrounds including veterinary medicine, public health, wildlife and environmental sciences, among others.

The main purpose of the workshop was to provide a forum for communication and information exchange regarding developments in One Health in the region and identifying both challenges and opportunities for further operationalizing One Health at national and regional levels.

The meeting identified key next steps including: FAO and OHCEA to collaboratively create a method or mechanism to facilitate sharing of process and progress of operationalizing OH at a Subregional level to include quarterly teleconferences, face to face meetings etc, OHCEA can work with academic institutions to identify and quantify specific benefits associated with OH, with special emphasis on economic efficiency. FAO, in collaboration with key stakeholders, will continue to explore opportunities to develop a specific policy process or roadmap for operationalizing OH based on successful implementation in some key countries across the world. 

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