OHCEA Publication Policy 2015

Scholarly activity is an expected and rewarded enterprise for many professionals (Keith-Spiegel & Koocher, 1985). In academic settings, decisions regarding promotion, tenure and salary are heavily influenced not only in the number of publications in peer reviewed journals but also by the number of first-authored publications (Costa & Gatz, 1982).

Furthermore, in applied settings, professionals with strong publication records are often considered to have more competence and expertise than their less published counterparts.

OHCEA produces a number of publication materials in partnership with development partners which may not be scholarly in nature, to highlight the networks activities. These include success stories, activity updates, press releases, online posts on social media platforms, general Information Education and Communication Material (IEC) which includes but is not limited to: brochures, fliers, briefs, newsletters and general office stationery. All these types of publications should be easily accessible to the public and should acknowledge, in an appropriate way, the contribution of all partners and parties.

Relevant Downloads

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