OHCEA Communication Strategy 2014-2019

The OHCEA Communications Strategy 2014-2019 sets out the overall direction that OHCEA should follow for communication to support thenetwork’s technical and administrative programme implementation. It includes six key strategic objectives, which were identified as the majorthrusts for OHCEA’s communication efforts in the period 2014-2019. These objectives are aligned with the OHCEA network overall strategicgoals. The overall communication goals or underlying thrust of the communication strategy are: enhancing internal communication, brandawareness, community engagement, donor retention and acquiring new donors. Key messages have been highlight under each communication objective. The key message is the core message that OHCEA would want itstarget audiences to hear and remember about the programme. The key messages are drivers that allow the secretariat to movecommunications in a desired direction and build meaningful relationships with the target audience. The Communication Strategy is a living document. It shall be reviewed yearly. Activity specific communication work plans and budgets will bedeveloped periodically both at the regional and country level. The key messages in the current document act only as a guide. These messagesare likely to change and evolve over time. The current communication strategy will be available to the OHCEA stakeholders through the OHCEAinformation sharing platforms. OHCEA network members can provide feedback and input to help improve the strategy. OHCEA has varied partners regionally and internationally. These include universities, government ministries, private sector, developmentpartners and other strategic partners. The purpose of this strategy is to enhance prompt and regular communication, positioning OHCEA as aregional leader in One Health approaches. OHCEA is a network which cuts across countries and institutions. Effective co-ordination of thecommunication function is critical. OHCEA team members are encouraged to ensure that the secretariat is informed of any upcoming events oroccasions through which communication results could be delivered. This Communication Strategy includes audiences being targeted, communication indicators and a communication operational plan, whichclearly identifies the mechanisms through which the communication strategy will be implemented.

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